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Volume 1: Test Cricket





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in Australia


compiled by Charles Davis.

The Test Match Archive is the ultimate Test match cricket publication, presenting the full scores of every Test match in a new format, with the reporting standards of the 21st Century in mind.

The aim has been to bring the published scores of matches throughout Test history up to modern standards, including times and balls faced for individual innings wherever they can be found. To achieve this, hundreds of original scorebooks worldwide, and a wide range of rare and obscure publications have been tracked down, and the data recorded.

The resulting scorecards are presented in a new, easy-to-read format that allows the progress of matches to be followed as you read down the page. There is also a descriptive text section, and complete averages, for every Test series. For the first volume, Test Cricket in Australia 1877-2002, in addition to standard score information, the following information is reported:

  • Batting times and boundary hits for over 95% of all individual innings, and 100% of larger innings (over 70 runs).
  • Times for over 90% of all partnerships. Runs scored in all partnerships, and the batsmen involved, are identified.
  • Daily totals of runs, wickets, overs bowled, minutes played, and crowd figures.
  • No-balls, wides and six-hits conceded by bowlers.


Example of scorecards

The book also includes a biographical player register, and career averages for every Test player who has appeared in Australia. There is a detailed  Introduction (link to excerpt)  discussing changes and trends in Test match cricket history.

Future volumes will present scores of Tests in other countries to the same standards. Four volumes are planned with a publication interval of 6-9 months between volumes.

The Test Match Archive is privately published and will not initially be available in bookshops. It is produced in hardcover to high production standards, with a strictly limited print run.

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How to Order


Test Cricket in Australia 1877-2002 is not available in bookshops. Copies can be obtained either from Charles Davis (Australian Sports Statistics), or through Roger Page Cricket Books.


UPDATE: Note new phone no. and email address. Mailing address unchanged.


The book is a large (A4, 544 page), hardcover volume costing $AU 59.00, including GST and postage and handling in Australia. Visa, Mastercard and payment by cheque or money order accepted. Make cheques out to “Australian Sports Statistics”. Send orders to:


Phone:     03 8457 9808


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com  dot  au

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Email is preferred. Or you can telephone, or send the form below by normal mail. Please include payment with your order. Order will be posted within a week. A money back guarantee applies if the book is returned within 14 days.


For orders from outside Australia you can order through

Roger Page Cricket Books

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Ph +3 9435 6332

FAX +3 9432 2050


The 10% GST charge does not apply to orders from outside Australia.



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